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Service Advise - Z4MC

Post by Shakespeares » Sat Mar 13, 2021 10:02 am

mmm-five wrote: Wed Jan 20, 2021 12:16 pm Personally, I'd not go longer than 12 months without an oil change, and I'd probably drain the gearbox & diff oils too after 4 years. Don't really see a need for valve clearances if the car's not moved though. Suspension may need checking/reconditioning, as will bushes, mounts, seals, coolant system, etc.

BTW, the only stipulation in the manual is for a minimum of an oil change every 2 years. There was/is no 'condition based servicing' for the S54, as the only 'condition' being monitored is fuel use and thus mileage.

Whilst oil services have a 2 year time interval alongside the OBC SI notification (oil service by time is not triggered on the OBC, just stated in the manual), Inspections are on a mileage-based system, not time. So it doesn't matter whether you do 1,000 miles over 1 year of 10 years, you'd still not trigger the next Oil Service or Inspection on the OBC Service Indicator - so you'd use the manual's minimum of oil service every 2 years.

The OBC Service Indicator will tell you the next service based on how many miles per gallon you're averaging and then work out how far you'll have to go to use up 500 gallons. In my case I get 14000 miles (at an average 28mpg) between scheduled servicing (although the SI initially states 15,500 - based on 31mpg for 500 gallons).

Works out rather well for a normal user:
  • Drive hard and fast = more fuel used = shorter service intervals
  • Drive slow and easy = less fuel used = longer service intervals
I have the 15,500 miles between scheduled servicing, but I have 18 mpg :?

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