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MC on Pistonheads

"M" Specific discussion
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MC on Pistonheads

Post by tomscott » Mon Jun 17, 2024 12:53 pm

Fred Smith wrote: Fri Jun 14, 2024 6:47 pm
tomscott wrote: Fri Jun 14, 2024 5:22 pm So if you kill someone while you're messing with HVAC or looking at your speedo... that's different? :headbang:

I don't really know what else to say to you, I have a feeling you have never used it.
HVAC - very quick glance then adjust the big knobs by touch.

Speedo - very quick glance.

Screens - much longer look, including looking as you are pressing or swiping. Totally different. #

I have seen in the press a woman being done for dangerous driving in the last week having killed someone in a head on collision caused by using a screen. I have never heard of someone being done for causing a head on crash whilst looking at the speedo.

Never used what? Apple carplay? Nope, why would I? For one, my experience of apple computers in the late 1990s / early 00s means I do not buy apple any more (still a sucker for the iPod classic however, superb bit of kit they are). For two I DO NOT NEED IT AND I ACTIVELY WANT A SIMPLE MANUAL PETROL CAR WITH AS LITTLE TO GO WRONG AS POSSIBLE.

I have no problem with you embracing new technology! Why do you have a problem with me saying "this level of tech is what I want and need, anything else is a negative, FOR ME"?
It's more the fact you have such a strong opinion and are generalising quite widely but you haven't used it so I struggle to take your comments seriously. Also the quoted "press" like how isolated are these cases. We have been living with screens since like 1999 so quarter of a century...

The reason CarPlay and android auto is so well adopted is because it's really well designed. The UI and UX is excellent for a car. It is designed so that input while driving is minimal and it doesnt get in the way of driving apart from exactly what you need from it. In fact the systems built into the Z4M are far more dangerous that these newer system.

You can't add an address easily without using a voice command or stopping and putting it into your phone and it's designed that way for a reason. Hence the set up and drive, it makes it difficult for you to interact, and the things you do interact with is designed like you would use a car from this era like volume up and down and next and previous track.

All of these implementations tend to be with the speedo, so right in-front of you or in a heads up display so you can see through it into the road rather than on the main display off to your left.

Im not really fussed about whether you want a basic manual car, I mean a Z4M probably isnt the right car if that's the brief.

What does annoy me is having such strong opinion with no experience.

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