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AnyVan feedback

Whether it's exceptional service or a bad experience, post them here. (Disclaimer: posters views are their own and not that of
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AnyVan feedback

Post by Worcester_spoon » Sat Oct 28, 2023 12:24 pm

Not strictly a dealer, but sharing bad experience.

Booked transit of Zed (diff broken so needs moving to garage), gave them all the details, including that it’s low.

Guys arrived yesterday (late), immediately told me car wouldn’t go on trailer as car too low. Said they’d told their boss this, but he said go anyway. Annoying.

Got onto AnyVan who apologised lots, promised me they would sort an alternative for today and would call me by 9pm yesterday (Friday) to let me know the plan.

I called them at 850pm as they closed at 9, told nothing had been arranged for today but someone from their transport team would call me first thing today (Saturday).

No call, so I phoned them at 11am to be told nothing had been arranged (again), and they can’t provide a service for a Z4 as it’s too low.

Why they didn’t tell me this 2 weeks ago when I booked it, and when they took my money, I don’t know, but it’s super annoying to be messed around.

Going to try Shipley to see if I can find someone :-/
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