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FOR SALE Sapphire Black Z4M rear bumper

Buying and selling Z4 related goods (private sales only, no traders)
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Sapphire Black Z4M rear bumper

Post by LemonConnoisseur » Sat Aug 06, 2022 6:33 pm

Hi guys,

I’ve removed the Z4M rear bumper off of my E86 (non-M) in favour of the standard rear bumper.

It’s a genuine BMW item, none of these fibreglass copies.

The paintwork is ok, it’s clearly been painted in the past as there is some orange peel present. There are also some slight blemishes in the paint at various spots, like around the parking sensors for example.

Also, it appears as though my Eisenmann exhaust (also for sale :wink: ) has been fouling the bumper, presumably due to the failed exhaust hanger, and therefore has melted some of the mesh. It’s not really noticeable once fitted, but I’m being as honest as can be.

It has PDC, and will come with the sensors and the loom if required. The sensors were working when the bumper was fitted to the car.

It will not come with number plate lights, or all of the little clips that you secure the PDC loom to on the inside of the bumper.

Not really too sure how to price it given the condition and rarity of the bumpers, so for price sake, I’m looking for £400 Ono collected.

I’m not really willing to post it due to the size, and flimsiness of it, I’d be worried about it being damaged in the post.

I’m based 5 minutes away from Stansted Airport, CM22.

Any questions or further images needed, feel free to shout :)
B178CB29-4176-427E-BF3B-45DCA3BF8BE3.jpeg (255.99 KiB) Viewed 79 times
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