E85 to go the same way as the Z3?

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E85 to go the same way as the Z3?

Post by Pbondar » Fri Nov 17, 2017 11:57 pm

As an E89 owner I have to say that the E85 seems, today,for me, more timeless than the E89...

Only time will tell how the E89 is judged when the new one comes out..personally I think the new one will be so different that it will leave a clear space mentally around the E89....

Seems like all the new cars from all manufacturers have been processed using the same CAD software and look to much of a kind...IMHO.. :fuelfire:

2012 MY E89 2.0i (Atacama Yellow, 17" ProRace 1.2 Wheels, rear spoiler, remapped to 280BHP, LCI side repeaters, rear/side badge delete, no whippy here, fully loaded (for its day))

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