Keyless Thefts

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Keyless Thefts

Post by RickRob » Wed Nov 08, 2017 2:17 pm

I assume that thefts of keyless cars is why I now pay so much insurance on the Discovery.

Earlier in the year we traded in the Discovery 3 (with a proper key) for a Discovery 4 (keyless). At the time we were half-way through our insurance year. Having paid about £230 at the start they wanted another £150 to cover the newer one for the remaining 6 months. When the renewal came though they wanted £560 and the best the Meercats could find me was about £450.

I know that the newer car is more valuable (c£35k vs c£10k) and more powerful (has the Jaguar 3 litre engine vs the older LR 2.7 litre), but I can only assume that the bulk of the increase is down to the thefts of keyless cars. I actually think that this whole keyless thing is a gimmick. Given the choice I'd go for a key even if there wasn't the theft aspect of keyless.
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Keyless Thefts

Post by Monkeydonkeyratmagic » Wed Nov 08, 2017 2:39 pm

^ I agree, If I could ditch the keyless fobs on my Fiesta I would straight away. Biggest gripe is I have to have somewhere to put them. The Recaros in it are tilted back so they slip out of trouser pockets in seconds, I don't wear a jacket every day of the year, the entire interior is solid hard plastic and they just rattle around. So where do they end up? In the passenger footwell on the floor. Stupid thought process behind them.
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