Some questions on replacing the stock head unit

Specific discussion about the E89 2009 Z4 (sDrive35is, sDrive35i, sDrive30i, sDrive23i)
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Some questions on replacing the stock head unit

Post by bsinsan » Fri Jul 28, 2017 4:52 am

Hello all,

I am planning to replace my head unit with an aftermarket pioneer one in my E89, but here I have several questions and would like to advise from some experts.

1. I tried to find out if my system has DSP or not, but still not 100% sure if it is. Then I tried to locate the amplifier to confirm it, but I searched google for a long time and still do not know where the amplifier is in the car, does anyone know?

2. I want to retain the parking sensor as well as steer wheel control, and plan to use Connects2 interface, anyone know if I have DSP system it will still work or not?

3. My local shop told me that changing the head unit will not retain the stock amplifier I would be using the amplifier built in in the new head unit, is that true?

Hopefully someone with similar situation as me could answer these questions, appreciated!

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Some questions on replacing the stock head unit

Post by del_tl1000r » Mon Nov 20, 2017 8:18 pm

I have fitted a Pioneer amp and Focal speakers to mine but only had the base speaker set up with no amp. If you have an amplifier fitted it will be behind the bulkhead panel in the boot on the drivers side. Remove the panel and have a look. That's where I fitted my amp. I repaced the professional unit with a Sony unit but took it back out as it didn't sound any better so no point in buying Connects 2 interface wiring.
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