Roof failure

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Roof failure

Post by flybobbie » Sat May 19, 2018 7:36 am

And there is somewhere a video of a Ferrari with what looks like the same roof system as the Zed.
Now realise these folding roofs with hydraulic systems are fairly common, so why such high prices for spares.

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Roof failure

Post by RobbiZ4 » Sat May 19, 2018 7:44 am

Great hit and a correct conclusion.
Way better if you'd identify a much smaller car (i.e. Fiat 500 convertible, Peugeot with folding roofs) with the same part as we are looking for a cheaper solution. :driving:

Here is another one:

Ford Focus 2 CC (Bj. 07-11) DB3
(Ford spare parts)
P6271490_small.jpg (16.95 KiB) Viewed 62 times

Let"s try to identify the manufacturer...


I think, I got 'em: HOERBIGER int the south of Munich, Germany. Will try to contact him right after the public holiday...
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"Roof drives for hard tops
Pioneering performance with system hydraulics

High speed of movement
High power reserve capacity
Harmonious synchronization

In addition to traditional soft tops, hard tops are becoming more common for convertibles. This is thanks to HOERBIGER. We were one of the pioneers in developing compact high pressure hydraulic drives for hard tops.

We integrate electrohydraulic actuating and control components into reliable system units. Perfectly matched system components, low weight, and minimal space requirements satisfy maximum expectations. Their high speed of movement, power density, and harmonious synchronization properties are outstanding.

Our modular system covers all the functional requirements of both OEM manufacturers and suppliers of the automotive industry specialized in complete roof systems. The modular system contains hydraulic cylinders in a variety of performance levels, with and without sensors, and individually tailored hydraulic power units.

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