Sun Motors BMW Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania.

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Sun Motors BMW Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania.

Post by em2b96p » Tue Jul 24, 2007 8:29 pm

i took my Z there this morning around 730 am to have dealer activation features and problems taken care of.

CDERROR messages ALLL the time
broken right cup holder
buzz noise coming from right subwoofer
wind noise comign from left side convertible top joint
1st gear to 2nd gear clunk to 3rd gear clunk

dealer activated features:
auto lock doors upon drive off
3 flash turnsignal
parking lights flash when lock/unlock

outcome:( fixed under warantee)
replacing broken cupholder
replacing stereo headunit and air vent above it.
replacing subwoofer
fixed wind noise
doors locked upon drive off
parking lights flash once when locked and twice when unlocked. ALSO the clown nose blinks red!! ( my favorite since it has a use and is not deadweight anymore)

interesting aspects:

The tech claimed there is no 3 flash turnsignal feature available to be activated. I coulda sworn i it on the Important FAQs page on here. am i wrong? i have a 3.0 made in 8/04

The tech claimed the 1st-2nd-3rd clunk is due to a short shifter installed on the car. this came to me as a shock because i dont believe an aftermarket short shifter was installed. if u pull off the knob the shaft looks oem. im assuming he jumped to this conclusion because i had a M ZHP short weighted shift knob inplace of the original shifter.


Charged me only for the dealer activated features. $47.00 + tax = $50.35

They will call me when the parts arrive for installation. i hope they have a loner car available because i dont know if i can sit in the waiting room again for 3.5 hrs..

i would give them a 4 out of 5. i just wish they had more loaner cars, anytime we had our mercedes serviced we ALWAYS got a loaner car.

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