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Steve Thomas BMW Camarillo, Ca

Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2007 4:35 pm
by cfmoorejr
I'm on my 3rd Z4 (My wife has an 05, I have an 06) plus before the Z4, I purchased a 535 from Steve Thomas in Camarillo. I traded in the 535 for my first Z4 there in fact.

I've have nothing but high praise for this dealer for both their sales side as well as their mechanics side. I drive a hard bargain when buying, and for my 06 it took over an hour of haggeling before they met my price (trading in my first Z4.) Service is great, they take reservations, and I usually get them to give me a loaner car. Just over a week ago, my wife was in her Z4 and hit something that fell off a truck. No one stopped, but her front end was damaged - the pan underneath, almost all the plastic grills up front, and part of the bumper that was painted. Since she has a Mommy van also, she didn't need a loaner. I called Steve Thomas (the dealership, not the owner) and arranged to take the car in on saturday and leave it. It took till friday for them to finish, but it looks brand new. Yea, it cost more than I thought, but they did a great job.

Their people are always friendly, ready to help. While we were leaving the car there on saturday, we took a few minutes to look around at the 5's, 6's and 7's. A salesman came over (now you know you have to expect this) and asked if we were finding what we needed .... we laughed and said we were just dropping off our car for repairs. We asked about the 5's and 7's and the differences between the various lines (this may have been a mistake ... ) You know, I could never understand why woman like to go window shopping in the mall .... Me, I like to look at BMWs .... humm, maybe that's the same thing? just a different price?

Well this accident may cost me a lot more than I thought .... on our way home, my wife said that maybe in a couple of years we could trade in her Z4 and Van for a 735 or 750! I guess it's my fault for window shopping :fuelfire:

I don't know about that trade, but if we do, it'll be at Steve Thomas!