Off to Spain with my E89

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Off to Spain with my E89

Post by ronk » Tue Sep 04, 2018 11:53 pm

Aires / Rastplatz - what have we got on our motorway system??
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Off to Spain with my E89

Post by ProfCJJ » Thu Oct 18, 2018 11:56 pm

So after a couple of months the repair on my E89 has been undertaken - it took a while to wait first for the surveyor then to get the car booked in, then I was overseas when the car was ready - but now I have it. In the end I got a new bonnet, new N/S alloy (plus tyre - not sure why but I'm not complaining!) and the N/S wing and bumper resprayed. Plus two new wing badges - allegedly.

The quality of the respray looks good, its hard to do a really good check in this rain but it looks quite good.

Of course I have a dash cam fitted, and of course it recorded the whole process ... when I recovered the car I was very keen to make sure that there was no joy riding going on at my expense! Thankfully there were no joy-rides - but there was a lot "revving" as they took the car from one parking spot to another in the garage. There were also a lot of swearing and comments around "hair dresser" whenever any one drove the car. Interestingly - whoever drove the car can be heard commenting on the power and how "if I owned this car it would end up killing me" - yet the "hairdresser" image seems to be far reaching :shrug:

The only issue I had is that they said they won do a geometry check before they started the work and the footage shows no geometry check, I went over and over the footage .... until I looked at just before I picked the car up, where they did put the car on the ramps and do a "Digital" wheel alignment ... I guess better late than never!

They also said that they replaced both wing badges, yet the BMW poundal is clearly old and "delaminating" plus its not a tight fit - I guess they refused the old ... I have commented to the insurer and am awaiting a response.

Incidentally I asked if I could have/buy my old wheel back as a spare (as essentially the damages was cosmetic) and both the repairer and the insurer said I cannot. By looking at the video I can see the workers photographing the old wheel - by the next day it had gone, hmmm I wonder where ....

Now for some decent weather to wash the car and go for a nice long drive :)


Z4 E89 sDrive 30i Msport in Alpine White with Kansas red leather interior and brushed aluminium carbon fibre look.


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