Roof Lining sagging

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Roof Lining sagging

Post by Z4RSA » Sun Feb 03, 2019 2:40 pm

Ended up going ahead with the job. I bought a small handheld drill for the holes. A normal size drill would be impossible to get in there. The screw under the locking mechanism cover was really difficult to remove. It might have been stripped (because it turned but wouldn't come out), after a long struggle I managed to get it out. Complications included dropping a screw (which I managed to retrieve from the cavity area on the side under the hood), followed by the T20 tip of the screw driver that fell into the drainage area next to the roof! I managed to retrieve it with a magnet on a piece of wire. My clumsiness aside the job is done and one hopes the plastic will hold out a while longer.

I wondered if a type of u-nut could be made to fit and provide support to the plastic trim where it is fastened to the frame.

Thanks for the post, I am very relieved my first attempt on my Z4 seemed to work!
This screw was very difficult to get out
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Many loose joining points
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Inserted screws in proximity
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