E86 3.0Si Service

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E86 3.0Si Service

Post by p4cks » Wed Sep 14, 2011 3:15 pm

Quick 'How to' self service your 3.0si engine...

You need;
[*]Air filter
Oil filter
6 spark plugs
6.5l of oil
a rag
a bucket/oil catcher
17mm socket
spark plug socket
Flat head screwdriver
Pozi head screwdriver
Oil filter removal tool (however not 100% necessary as you can see below)

Step 1 (I am asssuming you have already ran the car for 5 minutes, then jacked the car up and placed axle stands underneath)
Remove the plastic cover. The 5 'screws' holding it in place (circled red) can be undone by using a flat head screwdriver as they are only held in place by a half turn.

Step 2
Open the oil cap then go underneath the car and open the service hatch (not my photo btw) by using the Pozi screwdriver. Place your oil catcher underneath this. Now with the 17mm socket you carefully undo the sump plug (do not drop the plug into the oil!)

Step 3
Whilst all the oil is draining (should be quite thin and warm having ran the car for 5 minutes prior) you can remove the oil filter cover. If you have a tool for this (available on fleabay for about £10) then fantastic. If not, it is not the end of the world as I used a large metal jubilee clip fastened tight (so as not to round the edges of the housing) and carefully tighten it, turn it, loosen it and repeat until it was able to be span by hand

Step 4
Remove the old oil filter by pulling it from the cap. Now, open your new oil filter. In the box should be a large rubber seal, a small rubber seal and a washer. Keep the washer safe you will need it in a minute or so but you do not need it now. You need to replace the large rubber seal on the housing (pictured below). The smaller seal goes on the tip of the housing. Put the new filter on, and refit to the car (opposite of removal!)

Step 5
Remove lid of airbox. It is held on by 4 clips which can be unclipped with a flat head screwdriver. Remove old air filter, replace with new one.

Step 6
Loosen each of the plug clips and remove the clip with the wires on. DO NOT remove the actual wires. The job is made easier as you can see straight down and use a Flat head screwdriver to pry them apart

Step 7
Give the plug a wiggle and a pull and it should come out. At this point it gives you access to the spark plug. Remove and replace with new one. Put the rubber coil plug back in and reattach the plug you have just removed (the one with the wires on). I did one spark plug at a time so as not to confuse myself with what went where.

Step 8
Get the sump plug and take the old washer off. Replace it with the one you put to one side earlier. Now refit this to the sump. Wind it by hand at first so as not to cross thread it. Close the service hatch.

Step 9
Fill the engine with 5l of your oil. Then run (not rev!) the engine for 1 minute. Then put in the remaining 1.5l (or so) that you have remaining.

Step 10
Reset the service light
1. Key in 0 or off position.
2. Press and hold odometer button and turn key to position 1
3. Keep button pressed until any of the following words appear in display: "oil service" or "inspection", with "reset" or "re".
4. Press and hold button again until "reset" or "re" flash. If there is no "flash", minimum consumption value has not been met.
5. While display is flashing, press button briefly to reset service interval indicator. After display has shown new interval, you turn ignition off.

I have reused some of the pics/steps from other threads.

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