Rear Center Console Broken Latch Replacement

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Rear Center Console Broken Latch Replacement

Post by jplanaux » Sat Oct 01, 2011 9:54 pm

My Latch broke a few months ago. I learned how to open it w/o the latch. Someone emailed some pics, but no one has done this post.

First I went to Real OEM parts. The diagram is not clear if the cover assembly actually comes with the latch that was broken. I had to call Pelican Parts and they didn't know "for sure". I ordered it anyway and it did come with the two latches.

Part No: 51467031364

Broken Latch

Unscrew two torx screws

After screw removal, pop little screw retainers out so you won't break them. I broke mine.

Gently peel up and out. It comes off. It has snaps in about the middle and at the very top.

Place the new one in and snap at the top, middle, and hold in place at the bottom while placing screw retainers in the bottom. Re screw in.


Takes about 20 minutes to order on-line (about $60-70 US).

Takes about 10-20 minutes to complete.

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Re: Rear Center Console Broken Latch Replacement

Post by ThreeOZ » Sat Apr 18, 2015 10:59 pm

Well this was quick and interesting.

First things first. As with most 2 seat roadsters, you will need to be suspended upside down from a hoist with shackles around your ankles. This will give you the proper vantage point.

I started by un-clipping the retainers from the top. Then the second set of retainers, then the third. These should come out easily, especially if your roadster has sunburn. They'll just break.

Once the retainers are unclipped, you have the final attachments to remove. The two screws at the bottom (very fuzzy in the OP photo). These screws are plastic and did not match any of the philips or torx bits in my many tool sets. They're hex. Fortunately they had no torque on them, so I was able to carefully remove them with a large philips bit gently caressed between my thumb and forefinger.

Once these screws are removed, pull the cover ever so slightly downward to release the retainers that the OP broke. These retainers are expansion rivets.

If you carefully removed everything these expansion rivets will still be lodged in the holes of the panel. Pinch them from the backside and remove them for future use.

Clean out all of the broken pieces of plastic, and lever springs. s**t will be everywhere.

Replace the panel by snapping in from the top, then the next set of retainers, then the next. Smack it gently with the back side of your fist to lock the retainer clips.

Then align the lower panel holes with the receiver holes in the console. Press the expansion rivets through both holes. They press through both the tab on the panel and the receiver hole on the console. Remember, they're expansion rivets. And they're plastic. And they're old, and delicate after years of whatever.

Thread the crappy plastic screws into the retainers and tighten as removed, (with a large philips bit gently caressed between you thumb and forefinger).


Except, your console light may no work. Don't worry, it will come back on after you close and open the driver side door.

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