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Post by Lower » Tue Nov 01, 2016 11:06 am

ChrisKnottIns wrote:We only work with car club and forum members and I think you are probably some of the most informed insurance buyers in the UK. I don't for a second think clients in the enthusiast market are lazy when it comes to hunting out a good deal. Please also be assured that we do NOT pass on your details to ANYONE other than your insurer for the purposes of effecting your cover. So if your data ends up with an AMC it won't be down to us.
That is not quite true though, is it. If you're in an accident Chris Knott instruct their clients to call a number that is a firm of accident management solicitors who act on your behalf. You don't make it clear that the number that you're ringing is not actually Chris Knott. So when a distressed person who has just been in an accident calls the number on your correspondence they end up talking to a claims handler from the claims management company. One of the first things that claims handlers does is tell you that you are liable for any costs they or you incur that are not recoverable from your or the third party's insurer and get agreement from you before they agree to do anything to help you. When that client has just been in an accident and is standing by the side of the road next to their smashed up car, getting agreement from that client is easy for the claims management company as the client is wondering who the hell they are talking to but will say anything to get the help they need.

That claims management company then tries to screw the insurer as much as possible along the way, with the ongoing statement that you may be liable for any costs that they incur. That same claims management company also owns a car hire company and a medical assessment company. The hire car you end up in (expensive and not your choice) comes from a mainstream car hire company but the transaction goes through the claims management company's sister car hire company so that the cost can be further inflated. Should you need a medical assessment, i'm sure the same would apply. The claims management company's engineer that comes out to assess you car then tells the bodyshop that you've nominated that they should increase their repair cost because the claims management company will demand a rebate from them. At every stage of the process the claims management company reminds you that you are liable for any costs they can't recover. Lastly, when the claim is completed, the claims management company puts pressure on you to agree to go to court to help them recover their costs, again reminding you that you originally agreed by the side of the road that if they can't recover any costs, you will be liable. When you get annoyed with the pressure they are putting on you, they start writing lots of legal letters to scare you and reinforce the fact that you are liable to them.

So the claim that originally would have cost £850 in repair costs to the bodyshop ends up with an invoice for around £1200+vat and the overall claim ends up costing upwards of £2500. The inflated value of the claim now goes on your clients claim history.

Not only has the claims management company made a load of money out of your misfortune, you then find that you probably actually paid a premium for legal protection. That legal protection is primarily the claims management company who are supposed to be acting on your behalf but are just using your accident as a vehicle for them to make money rather than look after you as their client.

I am a Chris Knott repeat customer and actually think Chris Knott do a good job as a broker. But in my opinion the use of claims management companies who act as per the above is disgraceful. Unfortunately, the above seems to be the case throughout the insurance industry, and we wonder why our premiums keep going up......
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Post by ChrisKnottIns » Tue Nov 01, 2016 11:27 am

OK we're getting into semantics here. Yes you're right - we do give your claims handler some data once you've begun a claim and instructed them to act for you. What I'm trying to say is that we only pass on data as necessary to service your policy. We don't sell-on data or share it for any other purpose than effecting and administering your cover.
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Chris Knot, 'knot' honouring earned No Claims Discount

Post by pvr » Tue Nov 01, 2016 11:48 am

Scary stuff :o
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Chris Knot, 'knot' honouring earned No Claims Discount

Post by Ducklakeview » Tue Nov 01, 2016 3:19 pm

Which is why, in the event of a non fault accident, I will only use my own solicitor, who will write off any of their costs that are not recoverable. Indeed a few years ago, I was rear ended whist stationary in a parking bay. Damage to my car was non apparent, but the third party and her three sons were insistent that it was my fault. It went to court and we actually lost as they lied through their teeth. My solicitors costs with the barrister etc were north of £10k. He just wrote them off. Needless to say he'll have made good money from me over the years, as when I was on the cabs you could virtually guarantee a non-fault collision every couple of months in Liverpool. And I made sure any of my settle car drivers also used him.

After losing in court, I went and fitted twin cameras to my car, as it was just their word against mine. Needless to say, this has never happened since as any collision had been caught on camera.


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