A weekend in a new mustang

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A weekend in a new mustang

Post by luix_luix » Mon Mar 20, 2017 3:35 pm

Jaw wrote:What are the 350's priced like where you are if you don't mind me asking? got to say with the extra visual tweaks not to mention the interior / performance toys they're very tempting.
Thanks for the quick overview on the Infotainment System. It seems interesting, but still I'm happy that I chose Track Pack over Tech Pack. Good thing is that from 2017 the Track Pack is standard and you can optionally add the technology gadgets to have best of both worlds.

Regarding the price, I bought it at 52K USD from http://www.casmiami.com and from there you have to consider the following (could vary depending on your country):

- Shipping, port handling and Insurance: budget something between 3K to 5K USD to be on the safe side.

- Customs tariffs: depending on your country there could be additional tariffs to be paid during import. In Chile there is a trade agreement with the US, so cars coming from North America do not have to pay customs tariffs. However, vehicles coming from other places have to pay a 6% tariff over the CIF value.

- VAT: in Chile this tax is of 19% over the CIF value, budget accordingly to your local laws.

- Intermediary Comissions: depending on your knowledge in international commerce, you could work out all the paperwork to import the vehicle by yourself with little cost. However, most probably is that you are going to need the help of professionals in order to get everything done. Depending on the scope of the service this could be as low as a 5% or go up to a 20%, so how pricey it will be to import the car will largely depend on this factor. If you buy it from a "dealership" specialized in imported exotic cars you will be paying a lot of cash in this, since they basically absorb all the risk involved in importing the car before delivery and usually provide a final price with all of the above costs included (for example billsheperdmustang.com, who has it at a price of 84,5K pounds - https://www.billshepherdmustang.com/2016-shelby-gt350).

In my case I paid 85K USD with all of the above included and delivered directly in Santiago. The MSRP on this car in the United States is around 56K USD. However, due to the low production numbers of the GT350, dealers usually apply a 10K to 15K USD ADM on top of the MSRP. That's an asking price of 65K to 70K USD. The VAT in the US changes from state to state, so let's say you add a 7% to 10% tax, that would be a 75K - 77K USD out of your pocket to take it home in the US. Of course, you can always keep searching for a dealership that sells it at MSRP (with no ADM) and end up paying the MSRP (plus tax), but it will be a long search unless you get lucky or know someone that can help you with it.

All in all, I'm totally aware that I paid way above MSRP, but the car is totally worth it. Even more so when you see US dealerships asking for 10K to 15K USD more, which closes the gap between what I paid and what I would most probably had paid if I were to live in the US.

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