Newbie from Aus!

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Newbie from Aus!

Post by Ianv » Mon Jan 28, 2019 9:41 am

Had it a couple of months so far and loving it. Have a couple of trackcars too, so this is supposed to my nice road car but will do the occasional trackday too.

It's 2006 with 80,000km's, it had a big service and renovation before I got it, I think it was a slightly neglected city car but will get plenty of attention now. It was completely standard with a few little things to fix.

So far;
have removed CDV and made a diy clutch stop and fitted a ZHP knob which have made a big difference, much easier to drive slowly smoothly.
Fitted some pedal covers to make heel and toeing easier.
Fixed the stupid cup holders.
Cleaned out the inside of the speedo.
Fitted an Evolve carbon intake, which sounds awesome.

Many Plans,
New steering wheel - just brought off here.
RTAB limiters - waiting to be fitted
New engine and transmission mounts - waiting to be fitted
Probably BC coilovers with spring rates to be decided.
6 pot BMW brake conversion for front
Fix various creaking trim
Work out how to use the BMW software that's sitting there and change a few things...
Mod standard exhaust boxes
Stud kit
Probably Team Dynamics Pro race 1.2 wheels in 18x9 et30 or 35 with 10 mm spacers to rear (square set up)
Check valve clearances at some point - shim kit sitting there waiting..
Maybe a subtle front lip/rear diffuser/aero skirts

Then probably realise I've ruined it as a road car! :roll:

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Newbie from Aus!

Post by tomrdy » Thu Feb 14, 2019 12:41 am

Yay another Aussie :D

Welcome Ianv!

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